CHAI & ETC, a corporate café service, is a one stop solution to all your staleness. We provide tea and coffee services to the corporate companies across Gujarat at one call. We believe in the formula of being on time and serve accurately on a large order. We are specialized in the process of making and serving tea or coffee on a large scale even before it starts to cool down.

We firmly believe that bringing satisfying refreshments to business tea breaks goes hand in hand with delivering great value and service to business clients. Simply said, it’s our passion to serve you on perfect time. In the recent times, we have been meeting expectations with our fresh restaurant quality refreshments, creative menu choices for different types of tea and extraordinary focus on service from everyone in our company.


Now, let us have an insight into the process of how our drinks are prepared and how they come out to be of this high quality.

We have a huge vessel or call it a boiler, where in the water needed for the manufacturing process is boiled to a high temperature. When this water reaches to its maximum boiling zone, the required amount of steam is produced within the vessel.

Now, as in a pressure cooker, the excess of steam is expelled out through a nozzle, in the same way, the steam produced in the boiler is then forced to get stored in a place where it is needed next.

This steam is then directed in to the main vessel wherein the boiled up water is accompanied with other ingredients (for instance, milk, tea leaves or powder, sugar, ginger, basil leaves, cinnamon powder or any other essential put ins). This steam has the power to cook the ingredients properly and it also keeps the beverage hot from the time it is delivered from our kitchen till it reaches the customers hands.

This gives us the achievement of serving the beverage hot and fresh and hence the appreciation that we expect from our clients.

OUR MISSION: Treating your café service management program as our own.

From our experienced, locally based management to the warm, experienced professionals that serve you every day, CHAI & ETC Corporate Café services makes it a mission to treat your cafeteria service management program as our own. It’s an achievement for us that we are the preferred corporate café service provider to 2 popular corporate companies like ADANI MUNDRA PORT, ADANI SOLAR and GTPL in Gujarat.

CHAI & ETC Corporate Café Services has been providing excellent café services to the companies within the stipulated time period, with a focus on outstanding café, service and real sustainable business values. Our corporate café service approach is enabled by the trusted experience and motivation of our people- a team of exceptional, culinary and hospitality professionals who share a passion for serving awakening refreshments. What’s equally remarkable is their unwavering focus on customer service, which is rooted in our belief that superior service is directly linked to a commitment to treat your café service program as our own.

Coming to the main point, we have a strict policy that we serve the clients who order us for the refreshments for a count of above 400 employees. We politely reject the proposal of those who ask us for a service on a small scale because the system that we use in our kitchen the capacity to produce a large amount “of beverage in a single setting”. So by accepting the lesser count, we do not want to incur a loss to ourselves by the wastage of the ingredients and our time too.

The next important point that we focus on is the time and precision. Tea or coffee is a refreshment thing and thus should reach a person well in time before he/she starts feeling clumsy.

We serve only coffee and types of tea. Other services are not yet started by us and we don’t intend to make a start right now. Only on special cases, we might set it up for you on special conditions.

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