Adani Mundra Port is a deep draft, all weather port that is today the largest commercial port of India with a high degree of mechanization. Strategically situated on traditional maritime routes, this port offers multiple benefits for global trade. The gulf acts as the natural shelter for the port, facilitating 24*7 safe berthing, un-berthing and vessel operations.

The whole port is spread in an area of 40km radius. The manpower of this port might be greater than 700 to 1000 employees. The 24-hour on-duty watchmen, the sailors, the exporters, the importers, the managers and the people working under them, the cops and the security guards.

It is a privilege for us to serve such a massive firm.

First of all, we get the count of the people for whom we need to provide the refreshments. Then, we start the process of making the tea or coffee - 800 cups in a go! That’s an approximate count of cups of tea.

Then, after the process is done, hot beverages get filled in the inculcated Containers and are transported to the proper spaces allotted in between the deck to the gate. The tea and the coffee is served hot and that’s what we are famous for. Normally, the drinks cool down while transporting them from one place to another. But the process that we use never lets it chilling.

The responsible task of making the drinks reach the particular places and person is done accurately by us. This is the highlight of CHAI & ETC Corporate Cafe services.

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