Adani Solar- Mundra Solar Pvt. Ltd is India’s largest solar cell and module manufacturer; they are specialized in hi-tech solar PV cells and modules using advanced Multi, Mono PERC and bifacial cell technology. Employees of Solar plant remain busy whole day in trainings, demonstrations, meetings, project planning and many more which remains continue without any holiday means employees of Adani remain at work full week and full month, we understand well significance of hot refreshment here. Conferences, press meetings, events and celebrations all are part of their routine work, to make their work little easier Chai & Etc. serves daily 2400 cups of tea and coffee in Adani Solar plant everyday so that they stay refresh and could continue their work without tiredness.

Tea or coffee is not a beverage which we just serve; it turns to symbol of image when a valuable client would be sitting in front of us. Conversations could be stretched over a cup of tea or coffee, At Chai & Etc. we understand importance and need of tea and coffee well. We start our service with the number of the workforce for whom we need to serve refreshment. Then we work on the process of making tea & coffee- 2400 cups approximate at Adani Solar plant. It is never a chance that we had not served hot tea at mentioned time, we are famous for hot beverages and on time performance. With the innovation of our unique tea making process, we always serve hot and fresh tea and coffee.

Tea and coffee from Chai & Etc should be always heart-warming; it is our business policy which we follow at our work.

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