GTPL Hathway is one of the leading cable TV and broadband service provider from Gujarat. GTPL’s digital cable TV services reach to estimated 8 million houses in over 500 cities. Serving to a TV and Internet industry is such a serious task for Chai & Etc. because this industry demands more attention and perfect time delivery service in the comparison of any other industry. We understand their passion for 24*7 services, as we also belong from direct consumer service.

Employees of GTPL remain to engage whole day with customer queries, complaints, and service, so needs little more energy and attentiveness. Chai & Etc. is glad to serve these speedy employees who are making our lives better every day.

‘Chai’ word is made from Hebrew alphabets which means alive, or it can be understand as which feels you alive, preserving this old essence of Chai we serve here refreshing 700 cups of tea and coffee every day which is made by our unique manner so it becomes neither cool nor tasteless in transport. We use huge boiler so that water could be boiled at the right temperature, after releasing an excessive amount of steam, it shifts to the main vessel and mixes with other essentials steam. This main vessel keeps our tea and coffee hot till it reaches in hands. Chai & Etc is well known for its on-time servings of tea and coffee because we understand the role of delicious coffee when you are sitting with VIP clients.

We always serve with perfection, because we treat your Café service as our own.

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