Corporate Cafe

At CHAI & ETC Corporate Café Services, we understand the importance of positive financial results. So we provide national purchase pricing at local levels, corporate accountability systems and technologies that maximize efficiency-both in the cafeteria as well as the client companies.


Vending Service

An addition to your café service management program, our custom vending services give you the convenience of any time access to fresh and hot tea and coffee while giving you an easy source of revenue. Right now, we have not started with the vending services as the demand and the quality of what we serve presently is appreciated to our content. We might start these services if needed.


Office Refreshment

CHAI & ETC Corporate Café Services don’t manage onsite beverage services including product delivery, maintenance and same day emergency support. We might start this too o special conditions and requirements of the clients.


Event Management

CHAI & ETC Corporate Café Services are masters in the art of company event planning. Our focus is to make your event shine, whether in your cafeteria, auditorium, conference room, company grounds or at an offsite location. This service is just for the events organized in the offices.

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