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From our experienced, locally based management to the warm, experienced professionals that serve you every day. CHAI AND ETC Cafe Services Makes it a mission to treat your cafe services management program as our own.

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CHAI & ETC introduced the concept of bringing to your desk the taste similar to that of “TAPRI” & “HOME MADE” Tea with the help of specialized steam-based machine. These machines replace the use of the conventional gas stove and comply with high safety and hygiene standards ... Read More



CHAI & ETC provide quality instant premix tea, coffee, cappuccino, soups and green tea made with natural ingredients. Our range of product are widely useful for offices, hospitals, clinics, Retail showrooms, catering companies, Premium B school, many more... Read More



Along with fresh homemade tea & coffee services CHAI & ETC also manages on site snacks and refreshment services where our company provides a variety of snacks, fresh juices, mini meal, evening breakfast etc... Read More



CHAI & ETC are masters in the art of corporate event planning. Our focus is to make your event shine – whether in your auditorium, conference room, board meeting, training, company grounds or at an offsite location. CHAI & ETC seamlessly manages every aspect of your event. Read More

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